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Henry | 27th Sep 2006 | Funny News | (575 Reads)
Holy ShXt! Dont try this at home guys:

Henry | 27th Sep 2006 | Funny News | (180 Reads)
Man, SOHO ppl are really creative. Just look at this from Boing Boing:

This is wut they created for ppl who use video conferencing, since usually only the upper half of ur body will appear in the camera. Sweet eh?

Henry | 24th Sep 2006 | 胡說八道 | (188 Reads)
看到這樣的一個website, 都不知是要支持(因為我同意入面的內容), 還是要覺得難過(因為大家都是香港人).



Henry | 21st Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (275 Reads)
首先, 多謝大家嘅慰問.

經過兩晚都ok quality 嘅睡眠, 再加上我之前提到嘅香港人聖藥: 幸福傷風素, 我宜家應該都好得七七八八, 只係仲有幾聲咳. 應該再過一兩日就可以回復番晒. 有番energy 去對付D undergrad!!


Henry | 21st Sep 2006 | 胡說八道 | (149 Reads)
I guess everyone agrees, the worst nightmare to a cat-lover is to be allegic to cats. Luckily, a news from Engaget shows me this link:

Top 10 Ways to Decrease Your Allergies to Cats!

Maybe some of my friends will find this news useful?

Henry | 20th Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (171 Reads)
經過了一段長時間的工作折磨, 我終於生病了....

現在, 在吃香港人聖藥: 幸福傷風素!!

幸好應該不是很嚴重, 因為都沒有發燒. 只是好好的休息幾天就行了. 問題是, 我可以找到"幾天" 的休息時間嗎?

Henry | 18th Sep 2006 | Tech News | (203 Reads)
我想大家對以下這個situation 都一定有一點印象:

明明是大熱天時, 但因為有冷氣的關係, 大家在課室都會穿上"長袖"毛衣, 為什麼會這樣呢? 不是因為冷, 是因為如果穿上了長袖毛衣, 大家便可以把walkman (我小時候科技還沒有那麼發達. 現在應該都是用MP3 player 吧?!) 的headphone 線收在毛衣內, 然後一手托頭, 把headphone 放在耳邊一邊聽歌, 一邊還可以裝著很專心的在聽書!


Henry | 17th Sep 2006 | 胡說八道 | (202 Reads)
大家最近應該都知道有人因為食有機菠菜而集體中毒的事件. 我一直都不是一個organic food 的支持者 (但我也不會全力反對), 因為我不覺得吃有機食品真的會比較健康, 或是更加環保.


Henry | 17th Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (178 Reads)
Probably a lot of my friends have this experience:

Since you are busy, you plan your schedule for the day. And you plan it such that you wont waste a second at all. You schedule your tasks that everything is aligned perfectly, and when you cant figure out a perfect schedule for your day, you will get upset of yourself.


Henry | 17th Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (152 Reads)
You guys probably noticed that I didnt update my blog for a while now. That's becuz I was so freakingly busy on a conference deadline for the past two wks. But after a few 30-hr workdays, I finally managed to ship two papers out the door for the conference. Now, I am looking forward to go to Nice, France next May! Wish me luck.


Henry | 9th Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (163 Reads)
Back from Ottawa, now has about 1000 news to read from various blogs, news sites, and podcasts...

Also need to finish the lab preparation for undergrads, and writing up two papers for my research, both having due date on friday...

It's gonna be an amazing busy period b4 I go to San Jose. Hope I can relax a little bit in San Francisco in Oct!

PS. I'll find the time sometimes next wk to post the pic and write up about my Ottawa trip. Although it was only 1 days, I had some nice experience in Ottawa.

Also, btw, I just realized how freakingly busy I was only the past few wks, as this is the first time ever I am too busy to go and replenish my bathroom for toliet papers...Imagine that...

Henry | 9th Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (133 Reads)
This is wut happen when you put an engineer in charge of making a fire, without giving him rules on how he should control it...

The fire was over 6 feet high at the end, and I dont even know how long did the fire keep on burning, as my eyes were kinda hurting from looking at the fire for like 2 hrs....

BTW, really wanna thank Adam and his family for preparing such a nice event. I still miss those Hotdogs....(Too bad it was too dark for me to take any pic of the hotdogs using my phone...)

Henry | 9th Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (772 Reads)
Thanks, Mr. J. for taking me out to dinner for my bday!

We went to La Piazza Allegra Ristorante for Italian food this time. I remember I had tried to eat at that restaurant several times before, but everytime I went there, they were always closed...So, this is actually the first time I am in here, and this is wut I ordered:


Henry | 9th Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (158 Reads)
It's been a while that I actually leave school during daytime. So, I took the chance to look up while i was waiting for the bus, and this is wut I see:

It's a clean blue sky!!

Although I keep telling ppl that I am getting so tired of being in Canada, I am sure I will miss images like this when I leave here!

Henry | 3rd Sep 2006 | 生活點滴 | (164 Reads)
我對自己的人生, 沒有太多的記憶. 有記憶的, 都是一些超忙的生活.

我以前都有很多朋友. 所以都會用很多很多的時間去和朋友玩樂. 也因為這樣, 我沒有很多讀書的回憶. 不是因為我在托大說我不用諗書. 只是諗書在那時對我來說, 我都是沒有那個"心". 所以以前的我, 可以說是忙碌在玩樂上.

現在grad school 的生活, 我也是很忙碌, 不過不是去玩樂, 而是真的在工作. 就如很多時什麼public holidays, 或是wkend 之類的, 朋友或父母問我打算怎樣去休息, 我其實到最後都只是留在家或學校工作. 所以, 現在就是朋友也見少了很多.

有人可能會覺得我這麼workaholic 的生活很不健康. 但我卻不覺得有什麼問題.