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Henry | 22nd Dec 2006 | 胡說八道 | (197 Reads)

So, I came across this news that discusses the possible future traffic problem on Toronto's streets and highway.

According to a new report, by the year 2031, the GTA roads will not be able to hold the estimated 100,000 cars on the road in the city of Toronto alone, with 50,000 more commuters during the morning rush hour.


Henry | 20th Dec 2006 | 胡說八道 | (292 Reads)
我說的wallpaper, 不是家中的牆紙. 是在電腦上面的wallpaper.

因為老闆很有誠意的想給我去歐洲的機會, 所以我在christmas 前這兩個星期就變成了在地獄生活的日子, 因為, 我要submit 兩份paper 去一個會在歐洲舉行的conference.

我的工作, 絕大陪份都是在我的laptop 上完成的. 所以, 我放很多心機去customize 我的Powerbook 去令我工作能快一點, 工作的心情也會好一點.


Henry | 20th Dec 2006 | Funny News | (182 Reads)

For ppl who loves to drink (not beer! i am talking about Wine!) you probably have a huge stack of corks lying something at home.

It seems to be a waste to just throw them all as garbage. But leaving them home doesnt seem to be a neat solution either. So what can you do?

Well, here is an idea: Recycle them!


Henry | 16th Dec 2006 | 胡說八道 | (188 Reads)
過了兩個多星期一天工作16 小時的生活後, Deadline 終於過了.

不過, 這次的deadline 和以前的有點不同. 以前的conference deadline, 到最後完成時的感覺, 都會很不錯. 因為會有辛苦努力後看到工作完成的滿足感. 至於這一次的conference deadline, 我本來打算submit 兩份papers, 到deadline 前廿四小時決定先放棄其中一份, 因為真的不夠時間去做. 至於另一份, 也就在今天deadline 前因為results 不如想像中好, 所以最於也決定放棄.

就這樣, 雖然自己很努力, 也最終就是什麼也完全不了...一份paper 都沒有submit. 去歐洲的機會也在向我say byebye 了...


Henry | 16th Dec 2006 | 生活點滴 | (176 Reads)
最近看到朋友的MSN 名字, 或是他們的blog, 都不難看到有些朋友們都打算在Christmas 去旅行. 去開心一下. 在上個月開始, 其實也己經有朋友在問這個christmas 有什麼plan. 有人提議去Vancouver ski, 有人說去Montreal snowboard, 也有人說會去NYC, 最沒有plan 的plan 就是去TO 朋友的家去過一個熱鬧的christmas, 也可以有多點機會去Blue mountain 滑雪.

我本來也得有興趣出外走走, 去其他地方滑雪. 因為在Ontario 的滑雪場真的是太沒勁了. 但因為要搬家的關係, 我也只好完全放棄出外遠行的計劃.


Henry | 7th Dec 2006 | 胡說八道 | (257 Reads)
剛剛看完龍貓一篇關於"內地孕婦攻陷香港醫院"的blog, 我覺得只要是土生土長的香港人都應該會有共鳴.

香港政府話說要想辦法開新稅, 開闊稅基, 如不這樣就會好大機會以後會入不敷出, 財政又會變赤字.

但為什麼政府在向香港人"開刀"搶錢前, 不想想怎樣先去節流呢?


Henry | 5th Dec 2006 | Funny News | (393 Reads)

根據一些統計, 香港人大多數到覺得財政師唐英年的英文在香港政府中是最高分的.

所以, 我們想學英文, 就先來聽聽唐英年主持香港昂平開幕禮時的一段演說:


Henry | 5th Dec 2006 | 生活點滴 | (170 Reads)
下雪了, 下雪了. 終於下雪了!!

雖然不是很大的雪, 但是也夠令得地上都滿是白色, 讓我可以一邊在街上走一邊踼雪花! 超開心!


Henry | 3rd Dec 2006 | 胡說八道 | (1096 Reads)
So, you are sick, in addition to drink plenty of fluid, and take more rest (as will be suggested by most of the doctors here in Canada), what else can you do if you dont have the energy to go see an MD?

Well, here is a suggestion: Google!


Henry | 1st Dec 2006 | 生活點滴 | (207 Reads)
我是夏天出世的, 所以我從小到大, 我都是超級喜愛夏天.

加拿大的夏天其實不錯, 不是太熱, 又不會很潮濕. 只是, 夏天的時間太短了. 短得會令人感覺不到夏天的存在.


Henry | 29th Nov 2006 | Pets/Animals | (202 Reads)

Pic from Cute overload

Henry | 29th Nov 2006 | Pets/Animals | (157 Reads)
Wanna see how a mouse and a cat can get alone, check this out from cute overload:

The face of this cat is priceless!!!

Henry | 28th Nov 2006 | Tech News | (188 Reads)
So, I guess you guys already heard about how crazy ppl can get on the day of the launch for PS3.

I have to admire those smart ppl that who roll out scams on Ebay for heavenly PS3 deals and cheat those hardcore gamers. I mean, they really have a great business sense for getting money, dont they?


Henry | 24th Nov 2006 | 生活點滴 | (402 Reads)
我想大家都知道我很忙. 所以我最近都很少blog. 但大家還是在默默支持, 真的要好好多謝大家.

也因為我太忙, 所以雖然有一件很重要的事要做, 我也沒時間去做. 這件事就是: 我又要找地方搬屋了...


Henry | 24th Nov 2006 | Tech News | (174 Reads)
So, people have been saying, it's impossible to chase technology by acquiring high-tech gadgets all the time. But have you ever wonder why technologies, especially computers, change at such a rapid pace?

Well, the answer: Windows!


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